Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bromine- Periodic Table Print Project

Bromine, element 35, BR, is my submission to the Periodic Table Print Project.

I can't even begin to recount the horrors I encountered in trying to get this screenprint done. Let's just say it involved the sun doing me wrong, my lack of skill in measuring water, and other errors that seemed to multiply without ceasing. But they did cease, and it's finally done. And I'm glad because I think the whole project is awesome to begin with. Great idea by azure grackle --look, you can go visit her etsy shop.

Also you can see some of the prints finished/in progress (including 2 more versions of bromine) on the project group photo pool. There are some really amazing ones.

Now that that's done... I absolutely have to start on my next project which is deadlining in July. I think I might start with a drill and hope for the best.
To be continued...

Image hosted by flickr


maiaoming said...

WOW. This is awesome-looking. Your art has really progressed since Back in the Day. I'm so glad you started blogging!

Tomorrow Girl said...

This is amazing. I have no idea how you did it but I know I couldn't!

Anonymous said...

What good phrase