Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chasing a toad

While doing yardwork this afternoon, I apparently annoyed a toad, so then I chased him for a little while.

Disclaimer: please bear with the commercial above, how can I resist possibly making some change off a toad movie...

I'm attempting to eradicate the crabgrass and grow new "turf." We'll see. I made a makeshift aerator to assist in this task:

diy aerator

diy aerator

It's made out of a messed up garden tool, a board, drilled in bolts and stuff.

diy aerator

aerator spike w/ friend

Sorry to realize just now I forgot to move this little green guy before aerating. Maybe he escaped?

Meanwhile, flowers are doing bloomingly:


Lily of the Valley
lily of the vallye

Strawberry flowers
strawberry plants