Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chasing a toad

While doing yardwork this afternoon, I apparently annoyed a toad, so then I chased him for a little while.

Disclaimer: please bear with the commercial above, how can I resist possibly making some change off a toad movie...

I'm attempting to eradicate the crabgrass and grow new "turf." We'll see. I made a makeshift aerator to assist in this task:

diy aerator

diy aerator

It's made out of a messed up garden tool, a board, drilled in bolts and stuff.

diy aerator

aerator spike w/ friend

Sorry to realize just now I forgot to move this little green guy before aerating. Maybe he escaped?

Meanwhile, flowers are doing bloomingly:


Lily of the Valley
lily of the vallye

Strawberry flowers
strawberry plants


MonkeyDogStudio said...

I love the makeshift aerator! Probably a lot easier to use in our clay-heavy soil than those clumsy aerator sandals I had.

TeenBlogger said...

Aww toad! CUTE. We have about a million in our yard during the summer (it actually gets a little annoying when you're trying to mow the lawn).

Loved the pictures of the flowers (and the cute little strawberry plants)

karen said...

I love your garden tool did it work? I always wondered if soccer or golf shoes would do the same thing.

Rusty said...

What a fine looking fellow - the toad, I mean.... I hope you had luck with your aerator and getting rid of the crab grass. Be back later. ATB!

WhatIfWeAllCared? said...

You have me longing for Spring!!!

Lookability said...

Thanks, all. Gee though, this post is almost a year old. I need to update!

trashmaster46 said...

The aerator is fantastic! I should think about making one for our clay soil as well!

Veronica Wald said...

I rather liked the "ad" ahead of the toad (who is a cutie, by the way) :-)

Garden tips said...

Love the aerator.

kobosei said...

Dude awesome pics love lookin at em!

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