Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Cat's Not Out of the Bag - The Cat is The Bag

Over three years ago, I recorded my bag-making adventures on my project for It's in The Bag. This was a vintage glove-themed bag for LINC's It's in The Bag event. As stated on their website, LINC eases the burden of cancer for patients and their families by providing assistance and referral to legal, financial and community resources.

Then, let's see... I think in 2009/10, I participated again, but don't think I ever updated this blog on that project. That was a small purse I decorated with a lot of yellow and pearly buttons, felt and hand-beading. It was named something Lemony. So there you go: old news, fresh for you. Here it is:

Flash forward, it's NOW, 2012, and in my first post for 2012 after a year of only one post, I present:
My new bag for LINC's 6th annual It's in The Bag event: The Cat-Lover's Bag. Or, as I would perhaps nickname it, The Cat/Bag Lady's Cat Bag. But really, it's neutral colors so anyone could use. Plus, it's a tote. I like the color scheme.

In an out-of-character move, I made this bag using a pattern. The pattern came with fabric, straps, thread and directions. I used most of this, but substituted in some cat fabric.

I'm not inclined to follow patterns. I don't like following directions/am stubborn/easily distracted/don't like to measure things. But it worked! I've followed patterns before and they haven't been too disastrous so I'm not sure why I still am constantly avoiding them.

So, "Large Tote" pattern worked out for the most part. I used the vintage "Meow" cat fabric for the bottom (previously seen here) and then appliqued on a large tapestry-style fabric cat and kittens. I noticed at the end that the cat fabric is upside down on the front - but HEY!, it's right side up on the back. That's the special part about the back of this bag.

Some of the LINC bags for the silent auction will be themed bags, stuffed with items for the bag winners. So the Cat-Lover's Bag has some cat-related goodies inside, including some catnip mice, kitty snacks, a kittens calendar, and a screenprinted "flip-cat" doll and other small goods by me. Who knows what else may end up in the bag... ?

Hopefully I'll get the bag to LINC soon, and hopefully somebody will like it and use it.

When I was thinking about making this bag, I was trying to remember when I made the others. I rarely blog any more, and wonder - nowadays - should I even bother (I am always getting spam comments, and everyone is on Tumblr or whatever the next new thing I don't know about because I'm out of all the loops is). But hey, if I didn't have this blog I could barely remember half the things I've done or made (when I remember to post them at all). So I should post more, so I can remember these things later.

For example, I had TOTALLY forgotten about the Polar Bear Tapestry bag I made. I would like to run into someone around town who is carrying that bag. Just as I hope someday I'll encounter someone using this cat bag.

I realize I forget about a lot of stuff I've done or enjoyed. Not just crafty stuff, but life in general, too. And I should think about it more and do more of it. Maybe I'll be back to post more old news, fresh for you, since there are other projects in the past few years I've neglected to record. I currently have a series of Mail-Order Brides in the Art*o*Mat at the Visual Arts Center. The show celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Art*o*Mat machine in Richmond. It's up until Jan. 22, so go check it out. I had a teeny cat-related piece that was up at Think Small6 at Artspace Gallery. Somebody bought that, so YAY! one less thing to sit in my house, collecting dust.

Or maybe I'll post new stuff.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time passes, projects languish. Yet I return.

It's been over a year(!) since my last blog post.

I won't make excuses.

I re-started organizing my ever-needing-cluttercontrol craft room, which prompted me to find a few things I had been missing. Combine that with a couple of recent inquiries into products from my semi-defunct etsy shop...
and I decided to make a start at a return.

I did relist some items in the shop tonight. And will probably put up more soon and see what happens.

One for now is the Bromine Screen Print.
The news on that is that the original, along with its companion pieces by other artists who participated in the Periodic Table Printmaking project, is currently on display as part of the Elemental Matters: Artists Imagine Chemistry show at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. Go check it out if you're there.

Project creator azuregrackle has also put put a photo set, Bromine is the third one from the top, in this shot.

Stay tuned. Maybe I'll post again before another year goes by.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chasing a toad

While doing yardwork this afternoon, I apparently annoyed a toad, so then I chased him for a little while.

Disclaimer: please bear with the commercial above, how can I resist possibly making some change off a toad movie...

I'm attempting to eradicate the crabgrass and grow new "turf." We'll see. I made a makeshift aerator to assist in this task:

diy aerator

diy aerator

It's made out of a messed up garden tool, a board, drilled in bolts and stuff.

diy aerator

aerator spike w/ friend

Sorry to realize just now I forgot to move this little green guy before aerating. Maybe he escaped?

Meanwhile, flowers are doing bloomingly:


Lily of the Valley
lily of the vallye

Strawberry flowers
strawberry plants

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The God of Small Things: Similes

For bookclub we're reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.

Her writing is peppered with similes, some pleasantly surprising. In the first 50 pages: a high-stepping camel with an appointment to keep

lodged there.... like a mango hair between molars

Rahel's new teeth were waiting inside her gums, like words in a pen.

Futile. Like polishing firewood.

black eyebrows angled like a soaring seagull's wings

....history was like an old house at night. With all the lamps lit. And ancestors whispering inside.

Word to look up:
laterite -
lat·er·ite   [lat-uh-rahyt]
– noun Geology.
1. a reddish ferruginous soil formed in tropical regions by the decomposition of the underlying rocks.
2. a similar soil formed of materials deposited by water.
3. any soil produced by the decomposition of the rocks beneath it.

raised beds & lil' asparagi


Last year I bought some asparagus... and now this little lone baby spear popped up. If that's the only one that grows, I can't imagine eating it... there will have to be some sort of sacrificial ceremony involved.

spring sprouts

I like seeing who else is sprouting... or blooming.


The big news is:

This weekend I constructed my last two raised garden beds...

raised beds

The wood is cedar. Contents include: soil, lime, peatmoss, "homemade" compost, etc. Still need to prep a little, start seedlings, and then it's on. I'm really hoping I can have some eggplant-related success.

raised beds

I finally found a use for these old sun and moon metal pieces (hose guides on the corners)...

raised beds moon corner

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Look who survived the winter

Who survived the winter
Carrots & potatoes

Who survived the winter

I've come to the understanding that carrots can turn into monsters if left to their own devices.

Who survived the winter


Who survived the winter


I have some more exciting gardening news to share... but in an attempt to give this blog a spring rebirth, I'll save that for next time. Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Patches

snow patches

Took Patches out today to look at the snow.

snow patches

I'm so behind with updating this blog, sometimes I think I will and then I think, oh it's so outdated anyway. But I'll never start, unless I restart, so here goes. Something.