Tuesday, March 16, 2010

raised beds & lil' asparagi


Last year I bought some asparagus... and now this little lone baby spear popped up. If that's the only one that grows, I can't imagine eating it... there will have to be some sort of sacrificial ceremony involved.

spring sprouts

I like seeing who else is sprouting... or blooming.


The big news is:

This weekend I constructed my last two raised garden beds...

raised beds

The wood is cedar. Contents include: soil, lime, peatmoss, "homemade" compost, etc. Still need to prep a little, start seedlings, and then it's on. I'm really hoping I can have some eggplant-related success.

raised beds

I finally found a use for these old sun and moon metal pieces (hose guides on the corners)...

raised beds moon corner


Dawn Anderson said...

Robin - loving the blog! Janet Lundy (MonkeyDog Studio) reminded me of your gardening successes. I'm attacking my yard now and went with the raised bed kits (waay too much money). I need advice on a good soil mix to fill them with. Could you share a little more on the "additives" you put in and how much? Thanks!

Lookability said...

Hey Dawn... I didn't do it scientifically at all. What I did use was store-bought potting soil (guessing at percentage, maybe 75%), cheaper top soil (10%), home compost (5%), peat moss (10% about a "bale" divided between the three beds). My uncle recommend a bunch of other stuff including blood meal and lime. I put in a some of an additive (lime/magnesium pellets) I had and some powder fertilizer I had left over from something.

I think just having the better drainage and depth with the raised beds goes a long way regardless of how great the soil mix is.

Dawn Anderson said...

Thanks! I went with bagged garden soil, top soil, my own compost and store bought with a little peat moss. I planted my herbs, but now I'm worried - they look a bit sickly. I'm blogging a photo tonight.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for planting a garden. The world needs more gardens. :)