Saturday, September 13, 2008

(g)lovely clutch


Well, I finished the project and named it (g)lovely clutch. The auction is taking place Oct. 16th.

(g)lovely clutch

I actually ended up abandoning the inner form which was the salvaged clutch... it turned out to function as more of a "dress form" really, and enabled me to structure the shape of the clutch without having to actually create a second skin for it. (That means I still have the "form" clutch, not that I'm sure I ever want to attempt making such a thing again).

It's very multi-technique and multi-textural, which I guess is typical of my style, especially when experimenting. Techniques include applique, embroidery, various stitches, quilting... Materials include vintage gloves, one dotted swiss shirt, rough silk-type fabric, felt, batting, a fabric covered button, beads, floss.


purse, clutch, gloves, fundraiser

There is also a pair of matching dyed vintage gloves included.

* * *

Next up I'm attempting to make some toothy pushpins for a dentist's wife.


Right now they are unpainted sculpy and look grossly fleshy. I have some white spray paint and I think tomorrow I'll go buy some pink. Usually I paint toothy items by hand, but one of my ongoing goals is for better time management so I think I'm going to try out spray paint for a change. We'll see.

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Andrea said...

Your bag turned out gorgeous! Great job!!!