Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time passes, projects languish. Yet I return.

It's been over a year(!) since my last blog post.

I won't make excuses.

I re-started organizing my ever-needing-cluttercontrol craft room, which prompted me to find a few things I had been missing. Combine that with a couple of recent inquiries into products from my semi-defunct etsy shop...
and I decided to make a start at a return.

I did relist some items in the shop tonight. And will probably put up more soon and see what happens.

One for now is the Bromine Screen Print.
The news on that is that the original, along with its companion pieces by other artists who participated in the Periodic Table Printmaking project, is currently on display as part of the Elemental Matters: Artists Imagine Chemistry show at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. Go check it out if you're there.

Project creator azuregrackle has also put put a photo set, Bromine is the third one from the top, in this shot.

Stay tuned. Maybe I'll post again before another year goes by.

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