Wednesday, March 5, 2008

choice etsy embroidery aggregated for your convenience

embroidery on etsy

embroidery on etsy

Larger version is here.

So, speaking of embroidery (which there's often time to speak of), I recently went on an etsy hunt to find some of the coolest embroidery. And since I never even try to get treasuries anymore, I just made one using poster sketch.

Some of this stuff is amazing. I tried to stick to hand done embroidery, not that I'm against machinery... but I guess I just have a soft spot for people with achy fingers.

Here are the links:
unirabbit - the frog bag
fat cat - meowstro
nature's garbageman - jilldrapermakesstuff
the meditation - chatnoirstudios
what i look like - wildethyme
woop woop - rebeccajaynedagger
redwork elf - cornflowercreations
i hart wayne - crumpart
swans - indianablue
dancer - sarahgail
squeaky wheel - couchdesign
cityscape - ramblinworker
lumberjack underpants - rosieok
what a manly pouch - MABbymorgan
happy utensils - melysbaby
fat cat - aronlowe

I purchased some things from thefrogbag a while back. I really love thefrogbag's goods. I got a trilobite cat toy for Patches and a tadpole bag for myself.

As for my embroidery... well, I'm still working on taking forever project as well as more embroidered-headed dolls. I'll have to give an update on these things at a later date.

I had another topic to post, but I think I'll wait on that one for next time.


Laura Bartlett said...

Hey, thanks for adding my Meditation of the White Cat to your Etsy Embroiderers list.


Lookability said...

We are fans of Meditation of the White Cat!

Corinna said...

Hi and thanks for adding my unirabbit to your list of fabulous goodies! I am still loving my flip cat - it is one of my absolute favorite things I have ever bought on etsy!

karen said...

wow this selection of embroidery art is wonderful!