Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Insect or cat fabric? If you had to pick one to wear...

These fabrics would be horrifically clashing if used to make one item:

bug fabric
bug fabric

cat fabric
cat fabric

But used separately, I think they will be great. Yes, I went to the fabric store yesterday. I had my reasons, but I will not go through the motions of justifying all my purchases at this time.

So the question is: Insect or cat fabric? If you had to pick one to wear...

* * *

In other news, a customer in New Zealand wants to order 36 (thirty-six) of my flip books, so I am hard at work assembling those. The probability of x-acto injury resulting from making 36 flip books in a relatively short period of time seems quite high. So I sought out what up until recently I had not really even been aware of: that is the rotary paper trimmer. Thanks, S., for the idea.

I got one of these little cutting platforms with a rotary cutter built in. So far the cutting is pretty good, very even, but the only thing I didn't expect was the way I have to pull up and click down the bar every time I want to reposition the paper. And I need to reposition the paper a lot, so I need to minimize the number of repositionings, because lifting the bar up and clicking it down wastes a few seconds, and is a little loud.

You also need to push down and slide the rotary blade carriage with some strength behind it, so it's not something I can do for hours at a time (it's tiring to the wrist, though not nearly as bad as equivalent X-acto use would be). I'm interested in getting the scoring blade, then I can expand my envelope-making and box-making capacities. There is also a perforating blade, decorative blades, and who knows what else.


Andrea said...

I'm a huge animal person, and even have 2 cats, BUT that insect fabric is seriously cool!

Phlippy said...

Is it too late to vote? Hopefully you're so busy that it's not. Wait, that didn't sound right. I'm mad for the kitties, as you know, but that insect fabric is too good to be true. Definitely that one.

Anonymous said...

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