Saturday, January 26, 2008

dust, scraps, bad habits

organization test week part one
organization test week part one

This is all about being organized. One big hurdle is avoiding procrastination. I say that now as I procrastinate further by coming online to talk about getting organized and cleaning up instead of actually doing it.

In a last ditch effort to motivate myself, I've got out that little tray, into which I will place various items as I attempt to clean up some of the mess which is suffocating me. It may be filled to overflowing very soon. I will wait until that time or until the week is up (whichever comes first) and then report on my findings.

As a side project, I absolutely must stop buying things. In particular, things that I don't need or things that I probably already have but can't find (i.e. various art supplies). This is very difficult, because I like buying stuff. The tentative guidelines are as follows:


* Absolutely no craft/art supplies unless they are absolutely necessary for something I am doing THAT day.

* No clothing except things I'd wear to work/shoes, and of course any pants that fit and I don't have to hem (something I actually really need). Avoid thrift stores, as painful as that may be.

* Food purchases are permitted, but focus should be on quickly consumable items. No long term "rainy day" snacks.

* No "beauty products" or toiletries unless I will use the item THAT day and have nothing else to use in its stead.

* NO books, unless I swap out some I already have. (Exception is gift certificate from Christmas).

Things which are allowed: anything which is not a physical permament object.

* Food, movie theatre, barbershop quartet/whatever is ok.

* Gifts for other people, though preferably not something which is a physical object.

* A hair cut, self improvement of some sort.

* Cleaning supplies/household items and such which are not duplicates of something I already have. Better idea is to follow recipes to make some "non toxic" cleaning supplies out of materials I can buy (i.e. Baking soda, vinegar, borax, etc).

* A car if the one I have doesn't survive this weekend.

Other tasks:

* Collect old batteries, light bulbs and other stuff to recycle.

* Find out where/how to recycle number 5 plastic containers.

* Take bag of stuff (more discard clothing/etc) to thrift store (but don't go in).

* Throw away coupons or circulars offering discounts on prohibited items (i.e. JoAnn fabric monthly coupons).

Duration of this torture: a month if I can stand it.

Rewards: peace of mind, some free space, save money for car and household repairs and necessaries. If I don't break the rules for a month, I can have some form of edible or experiential celebration at the end.


Joy Logan said...

I loveeeeeeeeee this entry on your blog. I can totally relate to it all! OMG collage does set us back alot doesn't it?

Lookability said...

I know! So many scraps... and I can never find the ones I need.