Wednesday, February 13, 2008

lack o' progress

Week 3?

Well, I decided I need more containers in which to "sort" my belongings. Until I get that going my cleaning/organization project has been temporarily stalled.

However, I have been relatively good about not buying stuff.  So there.

Becoming vagabondish is more and more appealing. 

I've been using stumble apon and finding some interesting stuff.
For example, I like messing with sketchswap
and want to live here and now I know how to make a steam engine


Oscar said...

Hey, don't let little things stall your projects. :) Good luck getting these things organized. I am terrible at organizing.

Phlippy said...

Holy moly roly poly - I can't get over that woodlands home in Wales. I have to share that link with some likeminded folk on the internet, so many thanks.