Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Alchemy Success part 1: Raccoon Shirt Transformed by Fisheye

Etsy recently reintroduced the Alchemy feature which is used for requesting custom items or bidding to be the person to make the custom items.

I decided to partake so I put out a call to have a shirt altered to fit. As many shirts as I have, I always wanted this shirt to fit, because the fabric is so awesome:


Yes, it is vintage fabric with raccoons. I imagine they are washing apples or some other treasure they scavenged from somewhere. Of course these raccoons remind me of Patches. I have had this shirt since 2002 when I attended the Art-o-Mat 5th Anniversary Swap Meet in Winston-Salem. I grabbed this shirt out of a giant clothing swap mountain at Mary's of Course! Cafe. Finally, some random thing I pick up and hold on to for half a decade has actually become usable.

And all thanks to Fisheye Accessories. fisheye is an etsy seller who makes one-of-a-kind accessories, primarily from recycled or repurposed materials.

One of my favorites is her Apple Tree Cross Stitch clutch, made out of an upcycled kitchen towel.

She did a great job on altering the shirt, which started out way too loose and slouchy on me.



shirt after

Next Episode: Alchemy Success Part 2: Wherein chicken wire is utilized.


Phlippy said...

That shirt is genius - the fabric and the new cut. I envy.

Lookability said...

Thanks phlippy!

julie king said...

the fabric on the shirt is so cool. what a joy that you are now able to comfortably wear it. it looks great! i love the little cross stitch clutch as well.

Lookability said...

Thanks Julie! The sewing talent and the clutch is all Fisheye's... check out her shop:

Karma by Morgan said...

the shirt really does look soo much better! you have a shape!

Lookability said...

:) Totally better.

catherine said...

Wow! The shirt looks amazing. Etsy just keeps getting more and more fabulous...

Anonymous said...
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