Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Bada-Bing Loot!

Sunday's Spring Bada-Bing at the REST table was a success. I had the pleasure to hang out with:

Psychic Power Projects Karen Maiko and Jkadesigns

Although I didn't sell much of anything, I bought a few lovely things (I'm not including one which is a secret gift):

end of the world switchplate
End of the World Switchplate by Wonder Wares
anatomical mouth switchplate
Anatomical Mouth Switchplate by Penguin Love, who also made some really snazzy little notebooks which were in the swag bags.
Moss Pin by Arthur Hash.

I also bought some I ♥ Alpaca stickers from Made By Tess at her adorable and colorful display.

So, of course I scrambled like crazy to get a lot of stuff done for the event, and I think I knew I was going overboard... I made 250 mini promo envelopes for the swag bags, though I didn't get them all in on time.

lookability mini promo envelopes
They included a tiny Catalog of Goods, a sticker, a coupon and either a 100 Random Square Inch Drawing magnet, or a teeny flip cat shrinky dink "bead".

shrinky dink flip cats

shrinky dink flip cats

I used my absolutely last sheet of Frosted Ruff & Ready Shrinky Dinks, Colorforms ©1975. I'm wondering if I can find this old style Shrinky Dinks anymore. The other sheets I had were modern and not at all Frosted Ruff & Ready. Check out the cool packaging:
shrinky dinks

shrinky dinks

So... next up is Bizarre Market this Saturday!


Andrea said...

great seeing you at the show!
love the shrinky dinks, very cute!

bee's knees studio said...

I think Ryan ended up with one of your promos during the show: they were the cutest thing! Glad you could make it, what a blast!

Amblus said...

Ohh, your promos are great! I didn't see those. I do, however, have one of your little stuffed cats that I got from the last Bizarre Market. He lives on my desk.

RCM thanks you for your support!