Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Alchemy Success Part 2: Jackalope Taxidermy

Yesterday I reported on alchemy success from the consumer's perspective. It was about my new favorite raccoon shirt.

Today's episode deals with alchemy success from the maker's perspective. And that maker is me.

I couldn't resist bidding on the challenge to make a mounted jackalope "taxidermy" made of non-animal materials. I won the bid but didn't really have a plan other than ideas floating in my head.

Lucky for me the ideas in my head floated out pretty much exactly how I hoped they would. That's always nice. (Because believe me, most of the time it doesn't work out that way).



The process:
First I went to the hardware store and experienced the usual awkward situation of looking for unknown materials and not wanting to explain what I'm looking for... since I'm rarely quite sure. I bought chicken wire and screening. That was the base for the jackalope embryo:

This was built up with wire and screen and then covered with this foam carpet padding stuff. Then I made brown corduroy antlers. A lot of the sewing of padding and "skin/fur" was done using a curved needle. Actually, without the curved needle, it might have been impossible to get the "pelt" on the innards.

I like the profile.

The eyes were made using these glass globules I had for a long time. I had no idea what I was ever going to use these for, but now I know I can use them for jackalope eyes.

eye - sneak peek

* * * *

Meanwhile, in unrelated news I must report, Patches is bemused by a camel cricket.

patches vs. camel cricket


catherine said...

Jackalope-mania. I'm so impressed with your construction skills.

Lookability said...

It might be a mania, indeed. Thanks, Catherine (not sure if you're Catherine I know or not).

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

For not having a plan that jackalope is awesome!

Lookability said...

I guess not having a plan sometimes works :)